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Jim Hall 100cc Sprint Kart Programs

Jim Hall Kart 100cc Sprint Karts (20)

Learning to race at the Jim Hall Kart Racing School begins with our Sprint Kart classes. There are several programs from which to choose, starting with half-day introductory courses all the way to a three-day program* that includes our TAG karts. Each course prepares you for the next. Tailor your program to fine-tune your driving technique or ready you for racing in our Arrive-and-Drive Race Series.

Day 1A $225.00/Half Day Program

  • Accelerated learning curve in performance driving. Work up to racing speed with on-track and class instruction. Driving dynamics in steering, acceleration, braking and cornering. Focus on racing line. 3 on-track driving sessions.

Day 1B $225.00 (Must be Day 1A graduate)/Half Day Program

  • Extensive racing line instruction with a one-on-one instructor/student lead and follow driving session, observation and timed session. Increase your speed with practice and expert guidance. 3 on-track driving sessions.

Day 1A& 1B Package Price $395/Full Day Program
(save $55 when purchased together instead of seperately)

  • 6 on-track driving sessions.

Day 2 – Racing $445/Full Day Program

  • For Day 1A-1B graduates wanting wheel to wheel racing experience. Challenging passing and braking drills, inside/outside race lines and qualify to race. Pace laps, gridding and green flag race starts. Demonstrate your new understanding of race strategy and driving performance. Interclass competition. Six on-track driving sessions.
  • 2-Day Racer Package $795 – includes Day 1 (1A-1B plus Day 2) $100 savings.

Sprint Kart Lapping Programs

  • Practice, practice, practice makes for a great driver. This class is designed for graduates of Day 1 or TAG A who simply want more seat time. Use one-on-one instructor to driver sessions to hone your skills.
    • Sprint-Lapping, Half Day: $245 (4 driving sessions)
    • Sprint-Lapping, Full Day: $365 (6 driving sessions)
    • Sprint-Lapping, Package of 5: $1,150 (20 driving sessions)
    • Sprint-Lapping, Package of 10: $2,225 (40 driving sessions)

We have 2-Day and 3-Day Sprint & TAG packages available. Call the office for details – 805-654-1329.

100cc Sprint Karts Specs

With no shifting, just a centrifugal clutch that engages at 7,000 rpm, the Jim Hall Kart Racing School sprint karts allow beginners to focus on learning the racing line and the techniques of high-speed driving, while helping experts perfect their smoothness and kart control. But make no mistake. With zero to 60 mph times clocked at under seven seconds and cornering ability some 40% better than a high-performance street car, these sprint karts are pure racing machines.

Sprint Kart Specs
Manufacturer: Emmick
Chassis: Tube frame
Steering: Direct, column-mounted steering arms
(.75 turns lock to lock)
Brakes: Rear inboard ventilated discs
Engine: 100cc Italian HPV; 2-cycle; air-cooled
Maximum rpm: 14,000
Output: 17 horsepower
0-60 m.p.h.: 6.7 seconds
Top speed: 80 m.p.h.
Cornering ability: 1.5 lateral G’s
Transmission: Dry Clutch