Tag Karts

Jim Hall 125cc TAG (Touch-And-Go) Kart Programs

Advanced students looking for additional challenge and aspiring racers wanting to prepare for competitive karting can step up to our TAG Kart courses. This program takes you from fundamentals to intensive competition training intended to ready you for racing. Must be at least 15 years old.

TAG A/B*: B-Track, Full Day Program $475

TAG A:  Extensive TAG kart instruction in power-band/dry clutch engagement, 4-wheel braking techniques,  detailed track walk, critiqued driving session and timed session.  3 on-track driving sessions.

TAG B:  Braking and driving line refinement, inside/outside line exercises, passing, qualifying, rolling race starts and interclass competition. 3 on-track driving sessions.

*TAG A and B are available separately: 

  • TAG A – (Must be Day 1 Sprint graduate with instructor approval) $255
  • TAG B – (Must be Day 2 Sprint and TAG A grad) $255

TAG Lapping –

Practice, practice, practice makes for a great driver. This class is designed for graduates of Day 1 and TAG A who simply want more seat time. Use one-on-one instructor to driver sessions to hone your skills.  (Must be Full Day Sprint and TAG A graduate)

  • TAG-Lapping, Half Day: $285 (4 driving sessions)
  • TAG-Lapping, Full Day: $425 (6 driving sessions)
  • TAG-Lapping, Package of 5: $1,275 (20 driving sessions)

TAG Discount Packages –

  • TAG A + TAG B: $475 ($35 Savings)
  • TAG A + TAG-Lapping:  $495 ($45 Savings)
  • Day 1 + TAG A:  $625 ($80 Savings)
  • Day 1 + Day 2 + TAG A:  $1,025 ($125 Savings)
  • Day 1 + Day 2 + TAG A + TAG B: $1,250 ($150 Savings)

125cc TAG Karts

With an integrated starter and single gear engine, Touch-And-Go karts are the hottest trend in the industry.  And with 30 horsepower, 4-wheel disc brakes and pulling 0-to-60 in under 6 seconds, they offer an even greater challenge and reward for advanced drivers.  TAG karts are the fastest growing class in the amateur ranks, and our fleet of new, state-of-the-art TAG’s are the ideal tool to prepare drivers for success in advanced competition.

TAG Kart Specs
Manufacturer: Emmick
Chassis: Tube frame
Steering: Direct, column-mounted steering arms
(.75 turns lock to lock)
Brakes: 4-wheel disc with adjustable bias
Engine: PRD 125-cc
Maximum rpm: 15,500
Output: 30 horsepower
Transmission: Dry clutch
0-60 m.p.h.: 5.9 seconds
Top speed: 90 m.p.h.
Cornering ability: 1.5